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"Perpetuating harm against artists of color — and then expecting those artists to devise solutions to rectify that harm — is a familiar failure of predominantly white institutions" is a tremendously concise and accurate critique

re: the plight of front of house folk, I think it's funny (as in not at all amusing but a strange product of cynically selfish brainworms) that we are expected to accept gross acts of cruelty as long as they are "statistically irrelevant," which, as you noted Lauren, I doubt they are. ONE incident of the kind described in that article should be enough for some massive changes. I guess we've all decided to accept any number of "statistically irrelevant" cruelties to each and every one of us so long as we can keep marching to the same status quo huh

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“The chosen language — ‘forcibly kissed by a person not affiliated with CPH’ — is deliberately minimizing the severity of the attack and the theatre’s culpability.”

Maybe you should tell us what actually happened, if this wasn’t it. It already sounds very severe to me. I’d like to hear more about why CPH is more culpable than this sentence implies.

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